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Premonitions or its scientific term precognition is the apparent ability to predict future events beyond the normal expectations of chance. Maybe you have had a sense that someone was about to call or a bad feeling that something is going to happen to you or somebody or maybe you have had a dream that comes true at a future date.

From a scientific point of view precognition can be simply attributed to coincidence. How many times have we had a bad feeling or have been thinking about somebody when nothing at all has occurred. If nothing takes place then we simply dismiss it from our minds but if the phone rings as we are thinking about someone we put it down to a premonition. On the other hand there is also the chance that you may have a precognitive dream but, as the event does not take place for a few weeks after the dream then you may simply not connect the dream with the event when it occurs.

Here is where our premonition database comes in

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As part of our research on precognition we have included an online database here on the web site for you to use to log any possible premonitions that you may have. The purpose of the database is for you to log what you think maybe a precognitive dream or waking premonition and you will be sent an automatic reminder email at intervals of your choice. Your premonition would have been safely logged with the date it occurred and then all we ask you to do is email us if and when your premonition takes affect to help us with our research.

Please note that your personal details are kept confidential at all times and will not be published without your prior consent or passed on to any third parties.

Readers Premonitions

The accounts of premonitions shown here have been taken from the database of the C.P.S. In all cases the author has granted us permission to publish their account.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all those who have submitted their reports to date.

Ana from New Zealand

When I was 7 yrs old I was at school when I suddenly had an overwhleming need to go home. I told my teacher at about 1.30pm that I had to go home right away. My teacher told me to stop being silly and to sit down and do my work. So off I went and packed up my school bag and sneaked out of the door and started off on my 3km walk home. I was found about 1/2 a kilometer down the road by the school office lady who, along with other staff members, had been sent to search for me. I was sternly told off & taken back to my class room. When the bell went for the end of the day a family friend, unexpectedly, was waiting to take me home. When I did finally arrive back home I discovered my older sister (18mths older than me) had died from leukemia at about 1.30pm that afternoon. She had been suffering from the cancer since she was 3 and was ill but she was not expected to die at that time. I cant explain how I knew I should be at home right at that moment but I do remember my mother telling me I shouldnt tell anyone about it as they might think I was strange

Angela from Cambridge)

Norwich June 1992, early evening. I had a very bad feeling. I assumed it related to my Grandad who was ill at the time and to whom I was close. Four hours later my boyfriend was knocked over by a car on the way home and sustained two skull fractures. The feeling was not defined (i.e. wrong person feared for) so was it just coincidence or precognition? I feel in light of later events probably precognition.
Norwich I had a strange dream in late 1992. There were 2 graves, 1 with red flowers, 1 with yellow flowers. My Nanny and my Aunt were in a dirty kitchen looking unhappy (significant due to Grandad’s absence as Grandad is the one I was close to). Within few months both my dog Lady (Oct 1992) and my Grandad (Feb 1993) were dead. I could have subconsciously been affected by Grandad’s recent ill health – I had been worried, and within a month of the dream he revealed he had cancer and had 6 months to live. I was also aware my dog had a lump, although she had it for ages and it did not grow. So again was this coincidence or precognitive? I feel that it was precognitive as I rarely remember dreams and the yellow flower tied in with the colour I associated Grandad with due to his experiences in India.
Norwich 1993/4 I was revising for exams at my Mother’s house . I was sitting on bench next to my fiance in the kitchen. I answered a question of his, much to his surprise as he believed he had thought it but not said it.
Cambridge June 1997. My fiance had gone out to play tennis. I wanted to go to the nearby library but felt uneasy and unwilling to leave. I actually thought ‘I had better stay in, in case he has an accident and needs me’. One hour later the ambulance drew up to drop off his bike and I joined him in the ambulance. He had been knocked off his bike by a car and sustained a serious facial injury.
Cambridge (late Sept 2000 on a Friday). Day of my Nanny’s operation . I woke up with a very bad feeling. It got worse. By lunchtime I had an irresistible urge to call my Mother. I discovered the operation had gone wrong and they had been trying to contact me. On the Saturday I felt awful, could barely move I felt so depressed. On the Sunday I woke up feeling fantastic, and believed it was Nanny letting me know she was going to be OK, so it was a shock to hear they expected her to die and she did in fact die later that day. Precognitive of operation problem or coincidence? She had had numerous other operations and I never reacted like this. I feel it was precognitive as we were very close.

Steve from Cambridgeshire

I was working on a help line as a volunteer. At night it was acceptable to sleep as long as you were sure that a ringing phone would wake you up.

So there I am, asleep and the phone starts to ring which wakes me up in the middle of my dream. In my dream I was standing on a cliff top which had a viewing balcony a few feet below, reached by a few steps. As I looked out over the sea, I started hearing a women's voice calling for help from below. I went down the steps to the balcony and could see just some fingers.hanging on. I offered her a hand to help her onto the balcony but she refused.

Anyway, Now awake I pick up the ringing phone and the person on the other end begins to say how upset she is and describes the difficulties she is experiencing. Then comes the crunch, she says that she cannot sleep after a nightmare. During this nightmare she says that she was hanging off a balcony overhanging the sea, by her fingertips and is shouting for help. A man comes along and looks over the edge but wont offer her a hand.

Her description of the setting was astonishing in its accuracy with regards to my dream.

Rob from Godmanchester

My First experience was really when I was ten years old I was sent to stay with my sister as my mother was dying from cancer. On Wednesday I decided out of the blue I had to see my mum and told dad I was going on Thursday to see her. It seemed that I was been driven by something and I just had to see her. When I got there we talked very openly for ages. Latter that night back at my sisters house dad and two sisters came in crying mum had past away that evening.

The second was when I was in the RAF stationed in Cyprus. I woke one morning after a dream that I went into my mates room next door he was stood there and the left hand window was smashed and wind and rain was blowing through. The next day I woke and went into his room and the said window was smashed and rain an wind was coming through.

Fran. BA hon.

I have had several rather heartrendering premonitions since childhood. I knew my pet dog was going to die... a few days before I said to myself "what would happen if you didn't have Kimmy"... of course when you are eight you don't grasp the significance.

Anyway several years later I am too aware of the implications of ignoring the warnings. March 1999: Whilst studying for an assignment (Historical Studies BA) that quiet frankly was doing my skull in I decided a break was in order. Standing up I experienced a sudden rush... like air escaping from a balloon, a voice boomed inside my head... "You had better interview Nan she will be dead by Christmas". In October 1999 Nan was diagnosed with Cancer and was admitted to Queen Elizabeth in Birmingham. Towards the end of term I was in the ladies when I felt engulfed, As I lent against the toilet wall tears appearing I knew Nan had died... I just said I love you Nan and the feeling left. I was relived to find out that she was still alive and kicking when I returned home. However she died the 21st December 1999, I woke up crying that morning again dreaming of Nan saying her last goodbye. At her funeral I found out that she had actually died at that time I was in the ladies but doctors had managed to resuscitate her.

Another time I came down my stairs when a message came through "Tez and the baby" my friend Tez was 5 months pregnant... I asked Tez or the baby... knowing that one or both was going to die... the baby was the answer... I never told my friend until after she had to have a induction when she was 6 months gone due to major complications with the babies heart... How can you tell an expectant mother you know her baby is going to die...

March 2001 I was keen to return home from a local journey, the kids rattling, heavy rain, rush hour... when I heard wait 5 minutes... ridiculous I thought... the warning was almost pleading... I will be careful I said to myself! I then had a flash of the UCI Island in Tamworth and decided that as I approached it I would take extra care. I changed 2nd gear on approach, checked my right, came around the island just as a young boy about 11 years came squealing to a halt at the path besides the island... His front tire and pedal protruding into the exit, prepared I braked, pulled my handbrake up, and waved him across... at that same moment a taxi came hurtling round and slammed into the back of me. Luckily no one was injured my car was a mess, but every one involved lived to tell the tale.

These are just a few examples I could go on... but I am sure that I have a guardian angel who warns me of danger and grief... I don't ignore warnings any more, its not worth risking my life or that of a child.

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