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Ley Lines

Today when we think of Ley Lines, we think of the ‘mystical powers of the earth’. There may be some truth to this, but are there other theories?

The word Ley, from the Concise Oxford Dictionary spelt “Lea” means “tracked or open ground”. The Saxons of old, had the word “Ley”, which meant, “cleared glade”.

In 1921, while looking at a map for places of interest, Alfred Watkins noticed that some ancient sites (standing stones, stone circles) or holy places (burial mounds, churches) were aligned in straight lines. Some of these he noticed were connected by ancient pathways/tracks. It was Alfred Watkins, who first coined the phrase ‘Ley Lines’. Watkins theory on the ley lines was that they were ancient trading routes/ straight tracks.

It is also to be noted that a great many of these ley lines go steeply up hills……a strange route for a trader to travel?

Ley lines can sometimes be found by the use of dowsing rods and the pendulum, but these are not always needed, as all you need are a pencil, a map, and a ruler. By drawing a straight line between ancient sites, this will give you the ley line.

It was believed to be in her novel ‘The Goat-Foot God’, that the occultist Dion Fortune sowed the seed of thought, that the ley lines were “lines of power”.

In the 1960’s, they were thought to contain ‘cosmic force’, and this then led to there being a connection with UFO sightings. People believe that UFO’s are attracted to this ‘cosmic force’.

There is a theory that, all living things in and around the Earth, consist of and produce energy. In certain locations around the world, there are areas which retain the excess energies, these supposedly are the ley line areas. If all living things consist of energy, then when we depart from this plane, (as it is believed that energy cannot be destroyed) do we continue to survive if only as energy? .

At the locations of these ley lines, there have been numerous reports of paranormal activity. The modern paranormal investigator, will work alongside the above theory, and try to pick up these energies with an Electro-Magnetic Field meter.

In the late 1970’s, Paul Devereux (then editor of The Lay Hunter) headed a team of volunteers, who tried to find out if the Earth did possess any stored energy at any ancient sites. They used all manner of scientific equipment, dowsers, sensitives, and photographers. The investigation lasted for almost ten years, and covered many ancient sites around the United Kingdom…….The conclusion…….”there was no hard evidence for ley energies”.

Recent research has led to a possible reason for the ley lines. The ancient people built these sites in straight lines, because of their belief that it would help their dead ascend to the spirit world.

The debate will continue for many years I think……

David Fuller

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