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Photographic Anomalies

On every investigation at a reputed haunted location we take along various photographic equipment, digital cameras, SLR cameras, infra red CCTV cameras with motion detecting software. Some of the cameras are often locked off in a sealed room and recorded direct to hard disc or VCR. As well as this Sony night shot digital video cameras and other cameras are carried around by the team during the observations of areas just in case something decides to make an appearance. Experiments are conducted using various light sources including, flash, low red light and ultra violet light to try to determine what the best conditions are for photographing any possible presence of a ghost

Fact or Fiction?

To date we have no substantial photographic evidence of a ghost, but who knows what the next investigation will bring us.To capture a clear undisputed photograph evidence or video footage of a ghost is after all the ultimate challenge,the holy grail of all ghost hunters.

Below we have added a few of the photographic anomalies that we have collected during research. Some on further examination have a very clear natural explanation and helps to demonstrate how easily it is to be fooled by what you at first perceive.

Air elemental, nature spirt or simply a moth?.... well you decide. We just liked the photograph ;-)
We nicknamed this one Mr. Frosty. After checking trough other photographs of the same area it turned out to simply be the pattern of the mortar on the brick work. It just shows how easy it could have been mistaken for something else at first sight
This one was more interesting. As one of the team was leaning over the stair banister he had a feeling that someone was walking past him. A photo was taken and a very large dark shadow was behind him. Photo was taken in the dark using only a small red light to eliminate the need for flash. By taking several duplicate shots from the same angle under similar conditions on a subsequent visit we belive it to be simply a trick of the light
Do you see the red Indian face in the window. This was simply a reflection of a poster on the wall off to the left of the frame.
Veiled face? by trying to duplicate the image it turned out to simply be a photo of torch light reflecting on a wall.

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