True Ghost Stories


My first son who is now nearly 12, was a fluent speaker at the age of 2 and he used to refer to some one who he called Eruc, we used to correct him and say Eric but he was adamant that he was correct already. As time went on he used to say he was playing with Eruc and at the age of about 3, he told us that Eruc had died after a parachute jump in world war 2, after jumping successfully he was shot on the ground. We also heard that his brother had been having an affair with his wife and she was now pregnant and that he had another brother who was gay but his family were ashamed to tell anyone. He was only 3 and wouldn't have known about the sorts of things he was talking about at the time, he never saw anything more harmless than sesame street.

Matthew was also born with a strawberry mark which also faded over time as they do, the mark was a little to the left of his stomach and he had an identical one in the same place on his back. He also claimed that Eruc was shot around that area when he was showing us. For the best part we tried not to let it bother us, but when Matthew was 5 my partner was on night shifts and had left that night on an argument. about 3.30 in the morning I heard the front door and pretended to stay asleep cos I didn't want to talk to him, I heard him walk down the hall and as I heard him go into Matthew's bedroom the door shut and Matthew woke up screaming (he wasn't crying) just screaming like something had scared him. he said Eruc was there. I went in the front room to get my partner but he wasn't in the flat, he came home a couple of hours later from work as usual. Matthew never mentioned Eruc again after that night. Can you tell us if you think this is weird, it really was very spooky, but glad it no longer happens.

Melody D

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