True Ghost Stories

A white lady

In 1978 my parents younger brother and I moved into a new home in Terrington st Clements .It was a fairly remote from the village down a road called Hay Green .My brother being the youngest was allowed to choose the room he wanted as his own .A couple of nights after moving in my brother kept waking up screaming about a white lady in his room .First off my parents paid it no mind as he was only 6 at the time .This however carried on for some time .

Then some time later my mother had a couple of experiences .First time she woke up to see something standing at the bottom of her bed . Then she heard a child crying one night., she woke up thinking it was myself or my brother but then realised it was the cry of a baby (myself being 12 at the time and my brother 6 ).My mother then saw the image of a young woman crying at the end of the bed .

Another time some friends of ours who had been trying for a baby for some years became proud parents .They sent us a photo of their baby boy which my parents displayed on a cabinet in the dinning room .The picture disappeared one day and my brother and myself got the blame .About 2 years later the picture turned up in the same spot .

On another occasion we had some friends staying with us .In the evening the male friend was coming down stairs and he passed my parents room and the door was ajar ,as he passed he saw a woman in the room and said hi to whom he thought was my mother .He then went straight down the stairs and into the kitchen where my mother was talking to his wife ."How did you get down here without passing me " he said ."Oh you've seen our friendly ghost " my mother said .They never did come to stay again

Davis S

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