True Ghost Stories

A history of violence

I lived in a house in Wanganui, N.Z. that was one of the oldest in the area.It was/is a 2 story house that has been converted into 3 flats with a documented history of a lot of physically violent incidents (Hanging, murder, unexplained disappearances in the area.)(as i discovered after i moved out)

When I moved in I thought it strange that a circler patch in the middle of the floor in the lounge could not have a candle placed in it without being blown out. There were also a few other areas in the house like this. There were constant sounds at night of the sash windows being raised and lowered - even tho the windows are nailed shut. One night I was lying in bed in the bedroom when I felt an icy wind on my feet (even tho they were covered by 2 duvets) and this was followed by an overwhelming sense of foreboding - almost a physical sense. There was then an awful noise I have never heard before or since and dark red spots appeared in spatters on the walls.

At this stage I ran out of the house (it was 1am or so at this stage) leaving the front door wide open in my haste to escape. I returned the next day to collect my property with a priest in tow. The spare bed frame i had in the bedroom was a wire wove frame which requires side cutters to cut the wire weave. The weave was slashed to shreds. The chest of drawers I had in the room had a set of deep scratch marks on the top. It was a in a pattern of parallel lines - as if was made with a six fingered claw.

I talked to the neighbor in the other half of the bottom floor who informed me that she had felt so scared that night she slept with a knife under her pillow. She also told me she heard me leave in my car around 1am and for the next 30 or so minutes heard the sound of screaming and the smashing of plates or the like against the shared wall of our flats - there was no smashed crockery when i cleared the place out.

I consequently talked to many people who had lived in the flats over the years (it is near the hospital so was used by nurses for many years.) No one has lasted for more than 5 months in that house - all have left very quickly and all i spoke to who had lived there reported some form of paranormal experience. The other thing that irked me slightly about the house was the crawlspace under the house - the ground is covered in thick straw (although to my knowledge no one had been under the house for years) but what struck me was under each fire place (there were 3 of them all since blocked up) was a brick alter (best word i can think of sort of like a proscenium arch with an arched floor).

Martin from New Zealand

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