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Ghost on the Stairs

I used to live in a house in Cambridge. We bought an end of terrace house in French Road Cambridge. The same guy had lived there previously for 60 years. It was in a bad condition and so we gutted it. There were stairs in the cupboard like in old houses. You'd go up to a small square landing and there would be 1 bedroom in front of you and a door to your left leading to bedroom no 2 through which you walked to get to bedroom no 3. We left bedroom no 1 but knocked through the wall and door on the landing so we could access all of the room from the bigger landing. We turned one bedroom into a bathroom. We put glass panels in above the doors to bring natural light to the stairway.

One Saturday I was painting with my back to the stairs. Out of the corner of my eye I saw a person coming up the stairs and shouted at them to the effect of what were they doing there. By the time I had put the paintbrush down and got off the ladder they had disappeared. I searched the house but found no-one. I went back up the ladder and told myself if was dust on a sunny day etc that I had seen (though I was sure it wasn't) but then I saw the movement again - the person was now walking down the stairs. I could see an outline of a person rather than a clear picture. It was an older chap, with his head very bent forwards (like arthritic) and he was wearing a long raincoat. I searched the house again but found nothing. I mentioned it to a lady who lived next door and she said it sounded a lot like XXX - the man who had lived in the house for 60 years.

I am not a believer but I saw the same thing twice in 5 minutes. I have never felt cold spots or anything threatening. The other odd thing was that we moved a wall back 3 feet and put proper handles and locks on the doors. 5 or 6 months later we got up in the morning and the door to the bedroom was open. We were sure we had closed it but we shut it and went to work. For 2 or 3 weeks we would close the door at night and would wake in the morning to find it open. There were no windows open. Then we left the door open 3 or 4 inches and that was it. The doors didn't swing on their hinges. I never saw anything again. I later found out that the guy died in his sleep in the room he appeared to go into (bedroom no 1) and that bedroom was the only one that didn't alter. We bought it March/April 1975, spent 22 weeks gutting it and sold it in summer 1978.

I now live in a 1590 house in Suffolk. It used to be cottages and my partner says it has a really nice feeling in one corner, different from elsewhere. We are going to start work on it so I will let you know if anything happens!

Mr G.T from Cambridge

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