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Fen Tiger in Oakington

I was walking home from the guided bus on Monday 15th April 2013 at around 4.20pm and was just coming up to Church View when something caught my attention. I looked up & saw a big black cat coming out of the undergrowth that borders the MOD land. It walked across a piece of fenced off grass & seemed to just be sniffing the ground. I was originally around 150ft away from it when it first caught my attention & I managed to get within around 15-20 feet of it before it walked away back into the undergrowth & trees. It was approx the size of a cocker spaniel or similar in height (around 45cms maybe) from my rough reckoning but it was a lot longer with a thick long tail that I would liken to how a domestic catís tail goes all fluffy when itís fighting with another cat, it kind of hung down behind it with a long curve to the end. If I had to compare it to another animal I would say it was very puma like. It was jet black in colour & really quite beautiful. It didnít seem to be particularly bothered by me watching it. It didnít hiss or growl or anything, just stared at me, sniffed the ground a bit more & then walked back into the cover of the underbrush & trees. I walk that route every Mon to Fri & have done for a couple of years & have never seen it before, or since then either. I wondered if the lambs in the field across the road had perhaps drawn it out, but I canít see that there have been any gone missing, so maybe not.


Kind Regards, N.

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