True Ghost Stories

Various strange encounters

My first experiance was a fairly long time ago, when I was about 13 years old (I am now 29). I went on a school trip to the Cotswolds, staying at a place called Netherswell Manor. We were there on a field trip to study the agricultural industry of the area and so thoughts of ghosts and the like were not in our minds at all. It was the first night and we were sleeping in dormitories separated for girls and boys. I was in the boys and getting my things ready to brush my teeth and go to bed. A friend of mine was in the room and left, but forgetting I was still inside switched off the light and shut the door. I was not bothered by this at first, just annoyed that I couldn't see what I was doing. Then, very suddenly I felt afraid, as if the atmosphere in the room changed at the flick of a switch. I froze by my bed and was very cold, then I heard a noise coming from the other side of the room, like someone moving. Being still very young I was terrified and fled in tears from the room! I ran down the stairs just as everyone else was coming up and they were all very disturbed by my sudden distraught appearance. After having calmed down we went back to the room with the head teacher and when we went inside the wardrobes, (which weren't in use), were all wide open and the coat-hangers inside were all over the room as if the had exploded outwards and been scattered everywhere. Needless to say, everybody, including the teachers were very edgy after this and a number of other students reported strange things, but I think that was more likely due to the fearful atmosphere that had been created. We were all quite glad when the trip as over!

The second happened about 10 years ago. I was on a trip to Scotland with my girlfriend of the time, and we were staying at a flat in the town of Kilkenny, near Glasgow. A few days went by with everything as normal then one evening about 6pm I went into the bedroom to read for a while. I was sitting on the bed facing out into the room when the door opened and out of the corner of my eye I saw what I thought was Katie, (my girlfriend), come in and sit down at the dressing table. I noticed she seemed to be wearing a brown shawl around her shoulders, but didn't think anything of it. I actually started talking to her about what we should do that night, yet when I didn't get any reply I looked up, and to my surprised saw that nobody was there. Freaked out by this I got up and rushed to the living room, where Katie was sitting watching TV. I asked her if she had just come in and she said no, then I told her what had happened. She looked very startled and then said, 'I was my Gran'. I asked her what she meant by this, and she explained that her Gran had recently passed away and the flat belonged to her. I had no knowledge of this before then, I knew it was her Grans flat but had thought she was still alive and that she was away. But there was nothing scary about this though, I felt perfectly calm the whole time I was there, the place had a very warm atmosphere, not like that of the Manor, so I believe if it was the spirit of her Gran that I saw, she was a peaceful one. But it has always baffled me even to this day.

The last time is more recently, about a year ago. I was working for a company that delivered tyres, and driving down in county of Surrey. It was getting late and darkness had crept in, I was driving down a country road with very thick tightly packed hedgerow all along each side. Suddenly in the road, I saw the figure of a man in greyish clothing, thumbing for a lift. I drove around him and then looked in my mirrors, but he was gone. I slowed then stopped and got out and the man had simply disappeared! The hedgerow was very thick and there was simply nowhere he could have gone, so I felt very strange and hurried back into the van and drove to the next garage. When I arrived there I told the mechanic as I was unloading the tyres of my experience. He then told me that a lot of people had seen the same thing. It was very weird!


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