True Ghost Stories

Doorway apparition

I lived in a flat on the Arbury estate 15 years ago with my then husband. The place was called Woburn Close and was a council flat. I hated it from the moment I went in the door. The first morning there my Husband went to work leaving me in bed, I woke to hear the sound of what I thought was box`s being shuffled around the floor (we had left all our box`s in the livingroom waiting to be un-packed) I got up and as I went to the livingroom door the noise just stopped. From then on there were just countless incidents, doors that I knew had been open suddenly were shut, I had curtain track that was leaning against a wall thrown at me like javelins, things moved around, the cupboard where I kept my saucepans flew open and the saucepans just thrown around the room one night, heating turned up full while we were asleep lights turned on when we were out and taps turned full on. Also everything electrical seemed to be effected, a kettle blew up when not even switched on, we couldnt listen to music as there was a horrible humming noise ove rthe speakers and we had 4 TV`s that broke down, before breaking down they would all make a "crackling" sound. As it was council flat we couldnt just move out so were stuck there.

Then my husband started a job which meant working some nights so I had my 2 little dogs that I had left with my Mum come and live with me for company, they would suddenly start woofing and would start to back away from nothing and just wouldnt ever sleep in the kitchen. I got used to all the odd things after a while and just thought that as nothing had hurt me so far I would jsut put up with it. After living there for about 2 years I decided to try and "talk" to whatever was in the flat, I asked why "he" was there and what had happened to "him" and the next morning I woke (my husband was at work that night) and in front of my bed on the wall was the perfect outline of a coat hanger, as if someone had held it up and drawn aroudn it, I knew I hadnt done it and I was the only one in the flat. I showed my husband who didnt say much, although he had experiences of his own he dealt with it by just ignoring it all. Two nights later my husband went out to buy some cigarettes and I was left alone with the 2 dogs, I was watching TV and sitting facing the kitchen door which was shut but which had glass panels, it was dark in the kitchen. Suddenly the dogs started growling and ran towards the closed kitchen door but then they both backed away and I sat and watched the shape of a man walk towards the door it stood still for maybe a couple of seconds then turned and just walked into the cupboard. I knew what Id seen but just didnt want to believe it. I didnt say a word about it when my husband came home, I was just in shock I think and very frightened. That night while in bed the dogs started growling and woofing again, they were shut in the livingroom, after my evenings experience there was no way I was getting up so I made my husband go, he came flying back absolutly terrified (followed by 2 dogs!) and described seeing the "apparition" in exactly the same way as I had seen it.

Neither of us ever saw it again, I think we stayed about a year after that, but as well as the "ghost" I was always sure that there was another evil presence in the flat and always wondered if the coathanger outline was him trying to tell me he had been hanged. All these years on what I experienced in that flat is still just as fresh in my mind and I just wondered if you had recieved any other reports of paranormal activity on that estate, I suppose it would be called the "King Edward" estate?


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