True Ghost Stories

The Haunted Chruch Yard

It was a warm autumn’s evening back in the late 1970’s. There was a group of us about 8, all in our young teens and still at school. We used to hang around together having a laugh and telling stories. On one occasion we decided to go to the supposedly haunted church in Longstanton where we lived (this is the older church out of the two in the village).

We were telling stories that we heard about a big Bible, which the pages you could see turn over through the stained glass windows (I never saw this happen). It was getting dusk and after telling ghost stories we decided to dare each other to walk around the church. I checked the time on my watch and it was approaching 9 o’clock. After a few minutes we plucked up enough courage to walk around the church, this went on for about 30 minutes amongst more story telling. I looked at my watch, as I had to be home by 9:30 pm and noticed it had stopped at 9 o’clock; my thought was the battery was dead.

The next morning my watch was working again so I reset the correct time thinking that it wouldn't’t last long. That evening we all met up again at the church for some more tales and this time the crows in the trees were flying about squawking and the atmosphere was should I say eerie. No one wanted to go around the church so we decided to go in a group of four; there were two in front with two behind. As we rounded the church to the main entrance there were four luminous green orbs the size of footballs about 12” off the ground in exactly the same position as we were standing. We all froze until someone shouted run and then we ran back to the group. After catching our breath we told the others about what had happened and they decided to take a look themselves, we (the four) followed behind. When we reached the area where the orbs were seen, there was nothing there so we went back and talked about the incident over and over again. I looked at my watch and it had stopped at 9 o’clock again.

The following day we met up and changed the venue and tried to forget about what had happened. The watch was reset to the correct time again and the battery lasted another 12 months without stopping.

This has always been in the back of my mind and I have only told a few people about the experience. As to what it was I still don’t know to this day.

Michael from Cambridge

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