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Alien Big Cats

Through out the UK there have been for many years reported sightings of mysterious large black cats roaming our country side. The term alien refers to alien to our landscape

Even on our own door step in Cambridgeshire and other areas of East Anglia there have been reported sightings of this elusive animal roaming the flat landscape of the fen lands

In 1994 a large black feline animal was caught on video camera in the vicinity of Cottenham, Cambridge. The animal often described as the size of a Labrador dog was noticed sitting at the edge of the field and was recorded for 2minutes before it moved off. Several experts have studied the video footage and reached the conclusion that the animal was more likely a black leopard or dark puma.

The Cambridge big cat which was nicknamed the `Fen Tiger` has been sighted by many witnesses over the last twenty years or more. Research by the British Big Cat Society would indicate reports of sightings around Cottenham,Fowlmere,Impington,Wicken,Soham and Ely.

There have been several reports of large cat like animals seen on or crossing the roads at night by passing motorists. These animals are by nature nocturnal and would avoid human contact wandering the flat Fenland landscape under the cover of darkness to avoid detection

ref: Banks,G. `The Fen Tiger...a natural mystery`. The British Big Cat Society http://www.britishbigcats.org/ (accessed 7th October 2002)

Readers Reports

Amanda from Cambridgeshire

I was interested in the 'fen tiger' info. My Dad saw one about 12 years ago - also in Swavesey. He was in the doctors surgery and the room of the senior GP looks out onto fields. He saw this creature literally at the end of the surgery garden and swore - which caused the doctor to look. It was definitely a big cat, but not the usual black one in the reports - this was a sandy colour. They called the police and the policeman who came out managed to get some prints from the mud. The doctor obtained copies of the prints and matched them in a book to a mountain lion. The police reported back that the prints were definitely from a big cat, but there was nothing they could do unless it was seen again and could be tracked.

Matt from Cambridgeshire

It was at 2.30am in the morning and it was also raining lightly, I was travelling from Ely on the A142 towards Sutton as I approached Witcham toll garage, I noticed a dark shape in the road ahead, just coming in to view within the range of my headlamps., crossing the road from right to left.

There were no other vehicles on the road and as it become aware of my lights, it slowly turned its head and looked, it's eyes caught the light of my headlamps and were yellow in colour. It did not bolt off as you would expect a startled cat to do, instead just turned away and carried on walking in to the bushes, very cool...

I stopped my car quickly (lucky no-one was behind me) slammed my hazards on and looked in to the fields with only moonlight to see with, but didn't see it again. I believe it was the size of a large dog, it could easily be a puma or similar.

Good to be one of the few (or many) that have seen one, excellent.

If you have had a sighting of these big cats in the area we would like to hear from you.

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