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The Cambridge Paranormal Research Society is based in Cambridgeshire, England and is dedicated to the investigation of paranormal phenomena in the Cambridgeshire regions and elsewhere in the UK

The CPRS was formally formed in Nov 2002 with the main aim of objectively researching any cases of unexplainable phenomena that is not within the range of normal experience or current scientifically explainable phenomena. Although a large amount of our research is based around ghosts and reported haunting's the society also takes a keen interest in many other areas of unexplainable phenomena as you will see from our web site.

The Society consists of a hand picked team of five primary founder and committee members who have a mature and serious attitude to this type of research. The research that we conduct is carried out on a part time basis and all members of the team volunteer their time and services free of charge. The team members are all from professional working backgrounds

We are proud to be able to offer, upon request, references from other clients who have been very satisfied with the investigations that we have completed for them. All team members are expected to abide by our own code of ethics as well as having an open-minded attitude to the research that we undertake.

The CPRS works in a scientific and professional manner. The basis of the scientific approach to our research methods is to firstly investigate and rule out where possible all natural causes that can mistakenly give rise to reports of paranormal phenomena. Our basic methods are one of observation, recording, data collection and background research.

Locations are subjected to the testing of electronic magnetic fields, data collection of atmospheric pressure, temperature, humidity and air ion levels. Infra red cameras are employed at various places within a location for the purpose of recording any possible activity. Other research currently being undertaken by members of the CPRS include the aspects of infra sound, electronic voice phenomena and the psychological aspects of this type of phenomena.

In addition to the main stream scientific approach alternative methods are occasionally employed for experimental purposes with the use of people who are particularly sensitive to this type of phenomena. The people that we use for these experiments work under our controlled conditions and give their time and services free of charge and are fully respected in their field of work.


Founder Members

Martin Waldock

Paul Brown

David Fuller

Elaine O'Regan

Angela Williams

Honorary Member

The CPRS were privileged to have worked along side the veteran psychical researcher Tony Cornell a long standing active member of the Society for Psychical Research, UK, and the president of the CUSPR - Cambridge University Society for Psychical Research. Sadly Tony passed away in April 2010. He is missed.

Associate Members
Adam Waldock

Friends of CPRS
Bill Parkins
Stuart Orme

Marjory Kite
Marjory was a talented Medium and the President of the ISF. Marjory became a very close friend to the CPRS over the years. She worked with us and was happy for us to questions. She did in fact encorage us to ask. Marjory sadly passed away in 2006. She is always in our thoughts.

The CPRS are happy to work along side other groups and individuals interested in the serious research of paranormal phenomena. As well as the main team we also welcome associate members to the society on an invitation only basis.

The CPRS has made several media appearances including BBC Radio Cambridgeshire, BBC Eastern Regions, BBC Look East, The Ely Standard and Cambridge Evening News


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