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Our purpose is the objective research of any cases of unexplained phenomena that is not within the range of normal experience or current scientifically explainable phenomena.

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The following Locations have given us their permission for us to publish our reports online. Any reports or locations are otherwise kept confidential

Woodchester Mansion

Cromwell House Ely

Peterborough Museum

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It's been a bit quiet of late. Life affects us all. CPRS have been busy in the background, Still carrying out investigations and research. What this space for things to come in the future including a new web site.

Readers Ghostly tales of the paranormal......more

Readers accounts of premonitions..............more


Have you had a paranormal experience? if so we would like to hear from you. All of our research is conducted in a sensitive and professional manner and in strict confidence. We would particularly like to hear from cases that have current activity taking place.

How to contact us .......Information Page

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